An Experiential Group For Men Starting in January 2018 (Date TBA)

The Deeper Men Go…The Higher We Fly!


Jerry Donoghue and MihalyPhoenix” Bartalos warmly invite you to attend our 8-week men’s inner depth work group starting Tuesday, August 1st.

Whether you are struggling in a relationship, having challenges with family members, frustrated with your job, suffering from low self-esteem, confused about what to do next in life, or suffering from self-sabotaging behavior, our 8-week experiential inner depth group will expertly support you to find the deeper hidden reasons these challenges persist in your life. We will guide you using an array of inner tools we have found facilitates deep transformations.

This group is for men who want to explore some of the deepest work available and are willing to sit in the fires of transformation. We are offering this group to men because we value inner depth work as an effective way to creating lasting change.

Although at times scary, uncomfortable, and disconcerting, we have found that experiential inner depth work has had the greatest impact in transforming our lives. We also have witnessed men, who struggled with some issue for years, suddenly finding relief or resolution just by going deep in a safe and skillful way.

We KNOW taking a deep dive inside pays off.

In practical terms, this means you could invest a lot of time, energy and money in personal growth approaches that don’t access the inner depths and nothing changes (or it takes many years with lots of effort). We have both experienced that enough in our lives where we want to offer something different that has the high potential for inspiring transformation. We wanted to offer a dynamic depth program to ensure your time, energy and monetary investments pay off.

If any of this sounds interesting to you, please check out the registration information below and sign up for the program, we would love to have you join us.

Registration Information

Date: (TBA)

Times: (TBA)

Where: 150 E. Chesnut Street, Asheville

Cost: (TBA)

Limited Space: This will be a small group format with personalized attention so reserve your spot now!

Questions: 828-545-1899 


MihalyPhoenix” Bartalos: At 51 years old, I have experienced love and loss in my life.  Often times I handled neither with grace nor ease. Yet, each time I fall, I get back up, dust myself off and get back in the game. Through these ups and downs and my innate desire to persevere, grow, live and love I learned some key lessons along the way. I’ve spent thousands of hours in workshops, in the woods, in 12-step meetings, in meditation, punching the bag, in counseling and men’s groups over the last 23 years which have all supported my wellbeing. Every step I’ve taken has brought me one step closer to wholeness. Today, I am doing my life’s work which is to contribute to the well-being of myself, my community and the planet. I have a loving relationship with my partner, my friends and myself and enjoy most of my days in sweet gratitude. I also, allow most of those ups and downs (because they never end) to roll smoothly and swiftly off my back like water on a duck. With a background in Ayurveda, Breema and Somatics, Pheonix is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Energy and Reiki Practitioner, Certified Shadow Work® and Breathwork Facilitator, Higher Alignment Coach and Pastoral Counselor.

Jerry Donoghue: The men’s group I joined in 2002 was the inspiration for the depth work I’ve developed. I remember constantly living the questions: “what support is truly supportive?” and “how could this be deeper?” I also remember this strong urge in me that wanted to fix, solve, or help change when listening to a man speak of his challenges. Ironically, I was also very sensitive when this same fix-it energy was directed at me. This was the beginning of a long exploration into my own inner world. Vision quests and experiential weekend retreats provided clarity and direction. I also dove into Buddhist-inspired nonduality practices. Along the way, I picked up some powerful support tools and began supporting people professionally. I’ve been supporting the community of Asheville with Compassionate Communication (NVC) for the last 13 years and have done a lot of couples work. Concurrently, I’ve developed a facilitated Inquiry work call Inner Presence Coaching to support people to go deep. It is a powerful blend of western psychology parts work and eastern awareness practices. I currently train coaches, psychologist and healing professionals with this powerful modality. Through my own inner work with these tools I developed, I now enjoy a steady peace, clarity, and ease in my life. I now am feeling a strong calling to share this work with men.


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